A great call out from Marco Russo to get a BI MCM (now MCSM, for Microsoft Certified Solution Master). If you don’t know the MCM program, what are you doing on my blog? Just kidding. Being a Master in SQL is a good solid foundation, but there is no BI equivalent, and the problem with BI is that it is faaaar from just SQL: Integration Services, Analysis Services and Reporting Services now have to bow to SharePoint and Office, especially with PowerBI coming, and there is no official Microsoft certification to prove mastery. As Marco says on his blog, mail advcert@microsoft.com to request one.

Now, I have an additional request: I think we need to campaign for a BI MVP role. The MVP program has SQL MVPs and SharePoint MVPs, but when you have one foot in each camp, and the nomination forms tell you to only list the events that are applicable to the particular tech you’ve been nominated for, it gets twice as hard. Especially as PowerBI becomes a bigger part of the story, this is going to be a real need.

DISCLAIMER: My drive for a BI MVP slot is partially influenced by the fact that I personally would like to be an MVP, and despite being nominated several times, just haven’t seemed to quite make the cut, and I think the foot in two worlds piece is part of that.

Thanks to Andrew Karcher, whose blog steered me to Marco’s.